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How to Manage Software Development in Teams who Think Nothing Like you

Product management has two diversity problems. The first one is well-acknowledged: our industry must have more women, other ethnicities, and better representation from LGBTQIA. The second is more subtle: in those instances when we do achieve diversity, and especially cross-cultural diversity, we are unable to handle it.

The World is Flat

Our current reality is vastly different from what we’ve seen even 10 years ago. “The world is flat”, as American author Thomas Friedman put it. …

Quantitative data is all the rage these days: numbers aren’t just useful, they make us look competent. …

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How outlier customers can ruin your business, and what to do about them.

One feature away from heaven

When building SaaS products, you will see two types of customers: those who pay and those who “pray”.

Paying customers buy your product as is. …


Evgeny Lazarenko

Finding meaning in mundane

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