The blockchain technology is groundbreaking indeed. It enables new business models and gives so many benefits to customers. On the other hand, you must understand that Blockchain is not a holy grail. Nor is it full proof. If you want to implement it in your business, it doesn’t mean that the company will automatically become better. On the contrary, Blockchain is ineffective in many aspects.

Implementing Blockchain can be very dangerous for the businesses, and hence you need to proper education regarding this topic. That is because it is essential to understand precisely what Blockchain is good at, and where…


Like so many people, you have an interest in emerging and evolving technologies. And who could blame you? We live in a fast paced world. Hence if you want to survive in it, you must adapt to the occurring changes. It is of little importance who you are. You can be running a business, or you might even be a student just like me. The point is, no matter who you are, everyone should know what blockchain is. It is especially important if you want to improve your standing in the job market. …

Tili Talk

My name is Evgenii Tilipman, and I am Passionate about making cryptocurrency and blockchain technology education easy. Founder at

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