You are Amazing, So am I

Once I grew up, I realized how harsh our society blames one, till we come to the moment when we are willing to change ourselves to be fit in society. It is so common for me nowadays to see some people in my surrounding stress out because of people’s comments.
I have done several times doing self-reflection before I found out I am doing awesome being me. One big factor that causes me to feel unsatisfied day by day is that I used to look up to someone that I think is much beautiful, smarter, or richer than me. at the end of the day I open my self up, I realized there are still a lot of people far behind me, and I am enough being me, and they want to be me. It does not mean I do not want to be a better version of me, but here I need to understand that being me is not such a waste of time, I have to keep improving myself so that I can break what has been established in our society about being beautiful needs a certain standard. I am beautiful because I am unique. and I believe that you are also unique, everyone is unique. You just have to realize your uniqueness, then you will know that you are an amazing, wonderful person, and you exist for a reason. Find things that can make you comfortable, mine is to work surrounded by a support system, you definitely can find yours. I definitely trust that.