“Meow” Data Hack puts the cat amongst the pigeons
“Meow” Data Hack puts the cat amongst the pigeons

With recent reports highlighting another big data hack, business need to take action to ensure they have robust and unhackable back-ups of all their critical and sensitive data — before it’s too late. Unfortunately hindsight doesn’t bring lost data back.

In the latest hack, over 1,000 databases have been permanently deleted. Attackers exploited vulnerabilities to delete a database and other products belonging to UFO VPN. This followed a previous breach in which data allegedly stored by UFO VPN were exposed online. Once again, the ramifications of the breach could be long lasting.

According to Forbes, the attack script overwrites database…

Just a few days ago, the ongoing saga of the failures of the Post Office’s ‘Horizon’ software, raised its head(ache) once again.

In a nutshell, the Post Office previously prosecuted a large number of postmasters, accusing them of stealing money — leading to many being fired, going bankrupt or even sent to prison.

However, reports started to surface, that the system was unreliable and that senior Post Office managers were told back in 2011 that computer technicians also had access to the system and could change postmasters’ data.

An Ernst and Young audit report, which was sent to Post Office…

Evident Proof Solution

This article was first published in Digital Bytes, compiled by Jonny Fry from Team Blockchain.

The processing of personal data has evolved into an integral component of businesses due to the numerous opportunities that data provides. Enterprise organisations now control increasingly vast amounts of information on their customers and this has been the driving force behind ever more stringent data regulations across the globe. In Europe, the European Commission has passed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to enhance the rights of citizens and the requirements on data protection. …

Today, enhanced search and discovery platform Nalytics and Evident Proof, the immutable proof seal as a service platform, announced a strategic partnership.

Nalytics will provide a fully searchable document vault to underpin Evident Proof’s Proof Seal Bundles technology. A Proof Seal Bundle is a collection of specifically defined data events that may be compiled together to form a Proof Document, known as a Proof Certificate, able to irrefutably respond to a specific legal, compliance or regulatory requirement, such as GDPR.

The partnership with Nalytics also allows organisations to formally evidence responses to Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs). GDPR has seen…

According to recent evidence unearthed by the BBC. Hundreds of London minicab drivers may be working fraudulently after buying qualifications.

Currently drivers must sit mandatory exams to get a licence. But a BBC undercover investigation has exposed colleges cheating the required tests.

Transport for London (TfL) said it would immediately investigate at least 1,667 applications in light of the evidence and TFL, the licensing authority, said it was “deeply concerned” by the findings. …

.NET Get Started Guide

Immutably proving data integrity has always been difficult to achieve, due to multiple threats facing all organisations in relation to traditional databases through malicious intent, system and internal error. Given these inherent problems traditional databases are not always a perfect source of truth and proof.


unchanging over time or unable to be changed. “an immutable fact”

New regulations, data standards, laws and attacks are making the need to prove the integrity of data much more important. For CTO’s, Developers and System Managers who are responsible for taking care of this data, there is extreme pressure and…

With General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) now at its 1 year anniversary from May 25, 2019. The privacy world is heating up.

According to UNCTAD Data Protection Tracker, over 100 countries around the world now have data protection laws in place and GDPR has introduced other significant enhancements that will empower consumers have subsequently been included. All businesses handling EU citizens’ data, whether based in the EU or outside, must comply with GDPR. Any business found not doing so could be charged fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the company’s global annual turnover. …

This week Ian Taylor, COO of Evident Proof met with an education provider who needed to understand how the Evident Proof platform could support and underpin regulatory and compliance procedures to prove their data had been handled in a correct and compliant manner.

Data reports can be required for GDPR and by its governing body.

During the Discovery session several standard data sets that had verification and proof requirements that were vulnerable to hacking, data breaches and tampering were uncovered.

It was found during this session that, storing the following data and workflow processes on the Evident Proof platform would…

Michael McClary, Director of Partner Development at Microsoft, talks to Evident Proof’s Adrian Clarke (CEO) and Matt Roden (CTO) about how easily their platform can be deployed by Systems Integrators (SIs), integrated software vendors (ISV) and developers.

What is the 60-second overview of Evident Proof?

Adrian Clarke: Evident Proof is a new and unique database service that helps optimise data the verification and proof requirements of organisations, enabling them to meet their risk management, compliance and data verification obligations. The platform uses blockchain technology for greater data security and to provide access to immutable and unhackable proof certificates. …

Evident Proof have received a ‘highly commended’ listing at the UK Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award category for the 2018 UK IT Industry Awards.

Co-founders Brian McClafferty and Matt Roden traveled to Manchester, where the pair were proud representatives of the company to make the final presentation to win this prestigious award.

Brian and Matt enjoyed a fantastic reception when they presented the wide-ranging applicability of EP’s Immutable Proof as a Service (IPaaS) solution — from data compliance, to supply chain issues like provenance and anti-counterfeiting, through to producing evidence for legal claims.

They particularly focused on how the Evident Proof…

Evident Proof

Harnessing blockchain to deliver immutable data verification, provenance and proof services

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