Carer’s Allowance Contact Number

People with queries on Carer’s Allowance can now use the telephone contact 0843 509 2535 to get any required clarifications. It will take only minutes to obtain accurate information from well-informed customer service staff.

History of Carer’s Allowance

This is a benefit that is available to persons living in the UK, and it was introduced in 1976 as Invalid Care Allowance. It is currently providing qualified individuals with £62.10 on a weekly basis. The payments can also be made after 4 or 13 weeks through the beneficiary’s bank account, credit union account or building society account. The payment can be done a day earlier if the specified day is a bank holiday.

Persons applying for carer’s allowance should have at least 16 years of age and be spending at least 35 hours every week providing care to someone else. Other requirements that should be satisfied include:

  • Getting earnings above £110 a week
  • Not being in education full-time
  • Studying for not more than 21 hours in a week
  • Not being under immigration control

The person receiving the care should also be getting some specific benefits like Disability Living Allowance, personal Independent Payment, Constant Attendance Allowance, Attendance Allowance or Armed Forces Independence Payment among others.

Will change in the circumstances affect your payment?

Your allowance will be affected by changes in circumstances like finding a job and taking a break or stopping providing the care. Such changes should be reported immediately. There are cases where people can continue benefiting from the Carer’s Allowance even after taking a break, but this is usually done for a specified number of weeks depending on the nature of the break.

How to make a claim

Before making a claim, there are some things that you should have in order including:

  • Your National Insurance number and that of your partner
  • Details on your bank, credit union, or building society account
  • Address and date of birth of the person you are caring for
  • Disability Living Allowance reference number or National Insurance number of the person receiving care
  • Earnings and relevant dates among other employment details

Persons who are no longer in employment will be required to provide P45 or their latest payslip. Those studying will also need to provide details on the courses they are taking. Applicants with internet access can conveniently handle the process online, but this can also be done by post. Consumers who are not approved can appeal the decision made.

Obtaining additional information or clarifications

The carer’s allowance can provide qualified individuals with some additional income, and those who are eligible should, therefore, consider applying for it. Persons facing problems should contact customer services to get any required assistance on matters like online application, eligibility criteria, adjusting bank or building society account details, appealing a decision, making a claim and reporting a change of circumstances among others.

It is now easy to get assistance on Carer’s Allowance by making a call to 0843 509 2535. This is a telephone number that provides quick access to customer service.