I’m mentioning this anecdote because I keep getting comments and emails from white people about my anger, about my bitterness, in regard to racial injustice. I’m urged to accept the reality that sometimes my children and I are going to experience racism, and to make peace with the life that we have. I’m told that it’s merely a matter of perception, that the world isn’t as threatening to me as I perceive it to be, that if I let go of my bitterness I’d find a better reality for my family and myself.
Stop Condemning My Bitterness, Start Condemning The System
Dominique Matti

I get the same responses when I try to talk about the minor and major injustices that women face, and I agree that the anger is necessary and that the discomfort it causes is beneficial. I have benefited much from feeling uncomfortable when confronted by the realities that Black people experience. This work of saying over and over, “this isn’t right” is important.

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