Defense Soap Enters in Asian Infant Skincare Industry

Guy Sako from Defense Soap

Hot on the heels of launching a global wholesale/reseller program, Defense Soap inked a distribution partnership with Greenville Converting LTD.

Defense Soap’s long range objective is to offer natural skin care products that wash away fungus, bacteria and viruses to the world based on antimicrobial essential oils that have been used for more than 10 thousand years.

This month a game-changing agreement will be announced that will give the type of marketing momentum most companies can only dream of, an instantaneous entry into the fastest growing consumer market in Hong Kong, Macao and China — Natural products that promote the health of infants in Asia.

This is reality and part of a larger overall strategic plan that is falling perfectly into place for Defense Soap LLC and Greenville Converting LTD.

It is exactly this type of forward growth Defense Soap was targeting when contacted by Greenville Converting LTD about extending their reach into the infant skincare markets in Asia.

“We listened to what Greenville Converting LTD had to say and decided to pursue a brand extension with them that focused on minimizing skin infections among infants, even though it might not immediately have any rate of return,” explains Guy Sako, Defense Soap’s Chief Executive.

“We committed a tremendous amount of resources to build a relationship with Greenville Converting LTD. The result is that we are now able to offer the Chinese marketplace a very effective, safe, and clinically proven line of hygiene product for infants.”

Vincent Conti, Chief Marketing Officer uses analogies to get his point across, explaining that marketing soap products globally is like when, in the 1940’s, airlines began developing regional services to first establish brand integrity. That made the leap forward to national and international routes — as the brand’s value increases and demand grew — so much easier.

Defense Soap saw that the solution to becoming a global brand relied on two pillars of marketing faith, each contributing to its competitive advantage: quality superiority and customer appreciation.

Vince Conti, is more tight lipped about corporate strategy, choosing his words with care. He does offer a few gold nuggets, however, including a peek at Defense Soap’s vision. 
“Many companies look at their products and try to figure out a way to sell it,” he says. “The reason we feel confident in this marketplace is because we are looking toward relationships. We are looking forward to fulfilling the needs of our partners, to help them get to where we feel they are going. We build our partnerships so that we are ready to serve those needs and opportunities as they grow. We are very excited about the future and knowing that this is just at the beginning.”

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