When was the last time you did something for the first time?

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January 15, 2015

When was the last time that YOU did something for first time? For me it was back on September. To be honest, as I think back in time,it seems that I allowed myself for four whole months to be hibernated in my comfort zone without stressing or doubting greatly about something. This can be an awesome feeling for some period of time and amazingly relaxing, but it does make you neutral and afraid of taking the next step. No matter what, this “comfort-zoned period” won’t last and we all know it deep down.

Unexpectedly something comes up or something goes wrong, and then you live your great moment; when you can choose between staying intact and pretend that everything is still ok,or stand up, make decisions and work for something better.

And that happened for me while thinking on my resolutions this year just some days ago.

This is why I decided to make one quite different resolution for 2015. “Τake at least one new challenge per month”. The rules are pretty simple. I will let myself to have a wide range on what a challenge could be.On January for instance I challenged myself to actually write down my thoughts on a blog. Since I was thinking about a year to start blogging once more, this challenge seemed quite nice for me.

I know that every person may have a different perspective on what a comfort zone and if or when we should break it. And I can totally respect people choices of remaining somehow stable and not taking risks. But for me, risks and anxiety for the next step is refreshing and a makes me want to achieve more.I do believe that each one of us can evolve, learn more and experience more during our lives. So why to stay stacked in an insufficient relationship, a less-demanding job, a fake friendship and so on? Time to move, time for a challenging 2015!

Ps: First challenge done; now need to keep it for the rest of 2015 and, oh boy, think about the next one!

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