Those Apps Made in China

For a person live in Taiwan and without business in China, I use a lot of Apps made in China. Due to the restrictions on internet set by China government, people in China can’t use many internet services popular in the rest of the world without some VPN tweaks. Chinese companies tend to produce copycats of world popular services and I found them often mutated into something amazing.

WeChat, for example, it started as an exact copy of popular text message apps like WhatsApp or Line(popular in east Asia). Few years later, it added online shop features and something similar to facebook fanpage called 公眾號(public-account). It was such a great success. Now it even have Third-Party Payment features. From what I’ve heard from people work in China, in 廣州(Guangzhou) you can pay for your noodles from a vendor on the street with it.

Some of the apps listed below with the original serivces the took ideas from:

微博(weibo), twitter.

優酷(youku), youtube.

淘寶(taobao), ebay, better in realtime service.

喜馬拉雅(ximalaya), soundcloud, but much better.

支付寶, paypal, but much better.

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