Something in the way

When I woke up this morning before 7 o’clock, much earlier than usual, a piece of thought popped into my mind. I’ve already spent more than 7 years here, in Nanjing, almost one third of my current life.

It is relatively a long period of time no doubt, but I can hardly say I know this city or I’m quite familiar with him like an old pal.

All of a sudden, I realized that there is little difference for me whether to live or study in some particular city which is good or not, if without you.

It is ,to live a life with the one you love,the one can truly understand and support you, the most importantly meaningful thing in our limited lifetime.
Life is really short, why waste your time

Along the way to the canteen, groups of freshmen were walking more like jogging with theirs and their roomies’ breakfasts in hands. They seemed so young and so energetic, filled with power and infinite possibilities all over their entire bodies which made me a little jealous. I wish I could get up like them this early every single day, jog around this pretty campus, breathe this refreshing air, laughing and talking side by side with their lovers.

I have no clue why such kind of thoughts came to my mind this morning, but what I am definitely sure about is that at this moment I really really miss you.

It is for you Sarah my love