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Binoption Trading
Oct 20 · 3 min read

LEARN & NEVER LOSE AGAIN — Golden Rules For Bot Trading:

A Best Automated Trading Bot For Beginners

An automated trading platform is for those traders who want to earn extra money besides their fixed income. The binary Trading Robot is a computer program, which generates trading signals automatically for their traders.

In our Review for BinBot Pro, you will find all the necessary information related to this trading software.

This is the first and ONLY automated trading software that trades both Cryptocurrencies & Traditional Currencies all on one single platform.

Moreover, the trading bot works with the best binary options trading brokers.

BinBot Pro Review with features


After opening an account, BinBot Pro will connect you with compatible brokers. Since 2016, they are famous among Binary traders. The major advantage of this robot is that you can run demo trading to test the platform. But, demo trading will last for only 1 minute.

To start with a live account. you have to deposit the least amount of $250.

Best Time To Trade With BinBot Pro:

There is no perfect time to trade. You can trade at any time you want. But, try to avoid the high volatile market. My suggestion is to avoid trading on Friday and Monday Morning.

It is wise to trade when the market is stable enough. Furthermore, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD are the best pairs to trade with this bot. These are also the safest currency pairs to trade due to their volume. You can generate the highest profit margin through these volatile pairs.

How To Trade With BinBot Pro:

It is not wise to expect that BinBot Pro will bring FREE MONEY for you.

There is no secret that people don’t lose money with BinBot Pro. We all know it is right that people lose money while trading with this automated trading bot. The main reason is that people don’t know how to use this bot.

So, in this phase, I will give you a short brief on how to trade with BinBot Pro.

Create your bot before each trading session. You need to create a bot depending on the current time/day market condition. Additionally, all settings will happen according to fundamental news. Because the market is different in every single day. So, you need to be cautious when to trade and when to avoid.

At first, check the economic calendar whether there is any fundamental news or not. According to the calendar, avoid those assets that have a bull news effect. After completing the market analysis, select a robot. Avoid those bull assets pair

How To Create Own Bot:

  1. Select “create my bot”
  2. Put the name of your trading bot. It is wise to create a name with a date.
  3. Select the currency pairs
  4. In Indicators, select MACD, CCI, RSI, and STOCHASTIC. Avoid ADX and AROON. However, the AROON indicator is the best choice if you like to trade with crypto pairs.
  5. Change trading period/time according to your preference.
  6. Run the bot. It will automatically place trades on the broker’s platform.
Know the golden rules

Golden Rules That You Can Follow To Avoid Loss:

The major rule is not to use those bots that you will find on the trading dashboard. Apart from this, there are more rules that you need to follow. These are:

  1. Don’t allow your bot to place more than 6 trades
  2. Analyze the market
  3. Stop double up your investment after 5 to 6 winning trades
  4. For crypto pairs, avoid trading when the market is bearish

Creating your bot is the safest way to trade with BinBot Pro. Don’t trade without analyzing the market. I hope the above rules will help you to make a profitable trade.

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