The Cagey Bee

Ariel Dovas
Jul 16, 2018 · 2 min read
Illustration by Gaelan Kelly

Meet The Cagey Bee
Our honoree
As the master of

His emperor wish
Is more than a buzz
They say he won’t
And then he does

He’s The Cagey Bee
He likes to do bad things
For us all to see
As he beats his wings

He’ll do them proudly
With no regret
Then drone so loudly
That we forget

He waxes on
With his wicked thoughts
And irrationally drones
Of paranoid plots

We know it isn’t true
But he’ll say it over and over
Till he wears us through
Beneath a honey combover

He’s well Fox guarded
They’ll always embrace him
Make him King for life
And his brood replace him

What can be done
With The Cagey Bee
He’ll sting us all
Then charge a fee

The World, indeed, is his
Yet still he just complains
Our eyes, our ears, our lives
Unsatisfied, he remains

He says the game is rigged
He stomps, he pouts and he rages
So he makes himself feel big
By putting babies in cages

His vision is the bleakest
Despite his riches, gloom
Punishing the weakest
To avoid his fear of doom

What can be done
With The Cagey Bee
If the truth no longer
Will set us free

We must stand together
Remember what we’ve lost
Hold up one another
Stave off our exhaust

We may yet endure
But it will take some doing
For you can bee sure
There’s more buzz brewing

Ariel Dovas

Written by

Creative Director at BAYCAT, Co-Founder of The Secret Alley.