No. All that matters is whether or not you have experience building real apps.
Eric Elliott

To second this, I do not even have a high school diploma for…well…reasons. Never stepped in a collage classroom. But I have never had a problem landing an interview and the subsequent offer that comes with it…I am at the point now where I choose where to work, I interview the job more so than they interview me.

Don’t get me wrong, I did not just sit around doing nothing to get to this level in my career. I studied and still study every day to keep up with the latest tech.

No you do not need to got to collage, BUT you still have to put in the work. It is just you have control over what work you put in. This is an exciting time to live and be in this trade, so many resources available for those willing to get down and dirty. (start with a github account and an itch to scratch…and it will all fall into place from there)

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