Satta Matka: A Closer look at the Game of Luck

Satta Matka is a Indian form of gambling game. This game is native and mostly played in area of Mumbai , Maharashtra. At first it was originated to entertain the labor class people who was engaged in cotton/fabric production industry. However, after short span of time it spread to other parts of India and even overseas.

You might wonder why it falls under gambling catagory? Well, the main reason that Satta known as Gambling as it falls under the Game of Chance. The results of satta matka Games are very random and out of control of any conditions, which basically implies the player is totally dependent on luck if he wishes to win.

Satta Matka is basiaclly a game of chance and probability which will take you to the third world. It will feel you with joy, excitement and thrill and you will enjoy the entire event. It is somehow like our stock exchange where you go for some futuristic stock basing upon your present statistical calculation, conditional probability and regression analysis over period of time. It also implies that whenever you are going for Sattamatka game, do some serious homework and exercise over your consumed knowledge.

Sattamatka has been in existence for over last 55 years in different forms. The game of Satta Matka was introduced in the current form in 1962 by Kalyanji Bhagat in the metropolitan city of Mumbai known as Kalyan Matka. Two years later in 1964, another form of Satta Matka game known as waroli matka was introduced by Ratan Khatri in the same city.

Basic Difference between the two Forms of the Game:

Both of thses forms of games became popular and ruled over punters mind for long passage of time. As names seems different but the in reality difference between the two forms is very little. But, while the Kalyan Matka chart contained the gaming data record for all seven days in the week, the traditional Satta Matka chart contains only five days of gaming data keeping apart the weekend days. Otherwise, the game is very identical and it offered big opportunities to players for earning some extra money.

Game Available Both Offline and Online:

Initially, at the time of start the game was played offline where punter has to be physically present gamers participating in the game. However, with the rise of digital technologies and virtual gaming plateforms, this scenario underwent a complete transformation and today the game of Satta Matka is also available online. In fact; the online gaming arena and the participants are both larger in comparison to their offline counterparts. Just like the casino games in the western countries, many websites are springing up that are offering such online Satta Matka games.

A host of Information Online:

Many websites which facilitate the game of Satta Matka online also offer a host of information for the gamers. Besides valuable tips on the game these sites also offers various charts such as the Satta Matka Kalyan chart that facilitates the players involved in Kalyan Matka games to take an informed decision on how to play. Moreover getting the Satta Matka results online is far too easier in comparison because you have the entire industry at your fingertips at a glance.

Aiming to Be the King:

Anyone who is playing the game of Satta Matka online or offline aims to become the satta king. The satta king in the game is basically the ultimate winner who takes away all the money at stake. The game is also a combination of guesswork, statistics and applying common sense. In both cases, many website providing Satta Matka chart, which helps us in predicting satta numbers by analyzing the behavior of previous numbers The reason is that Satta Matka guessing becomes easier by studying the charts.


The most important thing while playing the game that you need to have is luck by your side in order to win this game of chance. As everyone knows, there’s absolutely no chance that the player can accurately predict what the results will be beforehand due to the random nature of the matka game. The player does not have control over the results either. Hence, it’s important to know that whenever you place a bet or play matka, the most important part is hoping to get lucky.

The basic principle of luck is the same for all the games of chance regardless of what game the player wishes to play. The player needs luck to get the cards right if he wants to win the card game. If the player is trying his luck at a dice game, he’ll need luck by his side to see the right numbers rolled. If the player wants to play a slot game, he’ll need luck to see the reels stop on a winning combination of the symbols.