This article will show you how to be eligible for the new EVI coin as well as what you should and shouldn’t do to in order to receive the new EVI coin.

First of all, DO NOT send any OLD EVI tokens from STEX or any other exchange to EviEx. We will distribute all the new EVI on EviEx. NEVER send your OLD EVI to EviEx!

Important details:

  • Swap Address: 3P3NyCxHAb6UsaNEChfMb8eUd1hSEuS6yap
  • WavesDEX is required and will be the ONLY exchange that you need.
  • After you created a Waves DEX account, your Waves address IS your EVI(Waves asset) address.
  • No team…

Exchanges are prone to hacks, because they centralize the risk and must keep part of their private keys online to allow real-time withdrawals. If your email gets compromised, you can usually say goodbye to your funds.

EviEx will have multiple layers of securities, one of them being a 2FA authentication for mobile devices. The Exchanges withdrawal system goes through a heavy verification method, one example being a multi-signature decryption. Also withdrawals over a set-limit will notify us and have to be manually approved by the exchange.

And much more… but let’s not reveal all our secrets!

EviEx’ beta has ended…

One of the main concerns we had was in regards to liquidity. The only place to turn EVI into BTC is EviEx. For us to use the BTC we’d have to use a 3rd party to convert it into FIAT…we’d have to do two converts to be able to use ‘EviEx profit’. Which isn’t necessarily a big deal but how do you envision “selling your EVI fees” without self-trading? Imagine gathering $500.000 worth of EVI… that would surely drop the price.

But that would mean that you’d use your own exchange? Yes that’s correct. We’re not expecting a huge influx…

Today is finally the day! March 26th, the day the Eviex will go into public beta phase! I hope you all are excited as we are to finally show the public what we’ve been working on so far.

How to navigate through the website?

The address is, once on the website you need to sign up as seen in the image below:

Once done that you will be getting an email asking to verify yourself, press the link and you will be navigated to the website again(Be sure to check your spam folder):

Nearing the public beta test phase we want to give the community a headstart in regards to the looks of the exchange(We’re still finetuning to create the perfect design, so most data is still acting as placeholders).

So as promised a quick update regarding the exchange!

We currently have 18 open issues and 38 closed issues. An issue is task one of the developers has to perform. We are using ZenHub which is an Agile Project Management plugin for GitHub. You can compare it with Trello if youve heard from it. It is basically a board with multiple tasks in a sprint. A sprint is represents 2 work weeks(10 days).


As seen above there are 3 sections, the Backlog, UX prototyping and the upcoming sprint. A backlog is simply either uncompleted work or things that needs to…

In-depth explanation of the Tokenomics stated in the Whitepaper

As we’ve mentioned in the Whitepaper, all the unsold tokens will be absorbed by the EVI team. Right now, we have 8B unsold EVI tokens. To clarify on “absorbed by the EVI team” aspect; these tokens will NOT be added directly into the team’s personal wallets. These tokens will be used in setting up “Trusted Nodes” for the Evimeria Blockchain.

To go further into that; One of the vulnerabilities of a PoS based blockchain is the “Long-range attacks”. In theory, this means that the attacker is required to control the majority of the stake in the network, but this can…

This years Crypto-Rockstars Blockchain conference in Cologne has brought out several noticable names in the cryptosphere. In this article, we will recap to our readers how the event panned out for the Evimeria team. The overall interest in our project was suprising; in a good way.

Day 1: We arrived in the beautiful city of Cologne at around 2PM and headed straight for the Startplatz for the Crypto-Rockstars event.

After setting up our booth, grabbing some coffee, we started discussions with individuals; from project owners, to company representatives etc; @Dutch_christiaan was just one of them.

EVI Danny — EVI Bas — Christiaan

Exciting first day has been…

A little in depth explanation on how the Evimeria platform will work:

The Evimeria platform, which is going to be a 100% decentralised standalone application ran on the custom blackcoin blockchain:

  • Will act as an independent operator for donors to see the transparency/accountability they are missing right now.
  • For charities, a new, innovative way to show and prove themselves being worthy of even obtaining donations. Once they are able to, we will offer them much needed exposure to bring their noble cause to the next level
  • The blockchain will provide the requirements to enter as a charity, as well as…

We’re 5 months in and we want to give the community a general update as to what is going on, both development and marketing wise! With that said, sit back enjoy the read.

For starters, big staking update. Below you can see my personal test wallet for the new Evimeria token being staked. We used Blackcoin as codebase, but over the years it’s been neglected and not much improved on. We had to do a lot of fixing which did cost us a lot of time and effort - it was all worth it. Right now it’s receiving 500 EVI…


Evimeria - bringing charity to the blockchain Evimeria is the bridge between generosity, and the people who need it the most.

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