Progress of Evimeria’s Development

What have we done so far development wise?

We created a PoS v3 Blockchain based on the Proof of Stake consensus of Blackcoin. Advances in this
 technology in Blackcoin’s Proof-of-Stake 3.0 have solved the issues faced with Coin-Age,
 Block Reward and Blockchain Precomputation. (

We’ve created a Linux Wallet and is working on the dev and testnet.

We’ve created Full Nodes installed on a VPS, with OS Ubuntu16.04.

We’ve created a private github repository as some of our code will be private. The blockchain and platform will be open-source, but the exchange will not be open-source.

To test and know our Blockchain is working, we’ve went ahead and created a VirtualBox development environment to be able to install a localized version of the blockchain product on a local computer to see it is running and we can interact with it.

We’ve created a mining pool and mining portal because in the earlier versions of Blackcoin it was a Proof of Work coin which changed on a certain block to hybrid and finally to Proof of Stake only(From block 10.000).

We’ve set the block reward for staking to 500 EVI per block. Each block takes 1 minute which leaves us with, if every Evimeria token would be staking, about 20 years to reach maximum cap. (This is “worst” case scenario). We’ve shown the document on how we calculated this based on the best case scenario with having 5B coins to stake however this won’t probably be the case so it will most likely take more than 20 years to reach maximum cap.

We’ve created the Basic Block Explorer.