The story of Didi Taihuttu & Evimeria

As an advocate for financial freedom, I believe in taking hold of an opportunity given to make life better and enjoyable when it presents itself. I also believe in giving, because to me, it is what makes the human life complete and fulfilled. That is why I am in support and a member of .

My beginning and success story in Bitcoin over the years has improved my knowledge on the importance of teaching people how to succeed financially and sharing your abundance with the less fortunate ones. Yes, sharing,, you may wonder what Bitcoin has to do with giving, sharing and donating to people in need? Sit back and enjoy the read.

Through blockchain, is bringing charity to the blockchain itself. They are creating a bridge between charities, donors and the people who need it the most. They will use the blockchain to track transactions, verify the legitimacy of charities and ensure the safety of donations. The purpose of the Evimeria Platform is to bring transparency and accountability to the field of charitable donations, in an effort to stem corruption by allowing incoming cryptocurrency donations for specific causes or campaigns to be permanently viewable, audit-able and traceable. To elaborate further, let me fully explain what Evimeria is all about and why I became one of their advisors.

Evimeria was created to account for the lack of transparency within nonprofits by using blockchain technology. At heart, it is a project concerned with social responsibility. The name ‘Evimeria’ comes from the Greek word ‘Ευημερία’ meaning “prosperity” and “economic success.”

The goal is to restore donor confidence by making transactions easily-tracked, verifying the legitimacy of charitable organizations, and ensuring donations always go to their intended recipients. With the use of the EVI token, Evimeria hopes to someday become the standard platform for nonprofit donations. It eliminates the corruption in the donating sector.

The Evimeria ecosystem can be broken up into three major parts: the platform, the exchange, and the public blockchain. The Evimeria platform will be an interface where donors and charity users can meet. Charities will undergo a manual vetting and a mandatory KYC process in order to confirm their identity and business status, and will then be given an always-public charity profile page. Transparency is required for all charities. The Evimeria exchange will be what connects the platform to the public blockchain. Powered by the Evimeria token (EVI), the tokens purpose is to provide liquidity and to be used as an exchange-of-value system within the Evimeria ecosystem. The exchange will be “EVI only”; meaning that EVI will be integral to the functioning of the entire system. Although EVI is currently a Waves token, in Q1 of 2019 EVI will have its own public blockchain with its own blockchain explorer. EVI can also be staked for rewards then. The public ledger ensures that all EVI transactions related to donations or anything else are easily tracked.

As a great campaigner of Blockchain, Bitcoin and thriving financially, I became an advisor for Evimeria because I believe in the core values Evimeria is offering the charity world. Trust in the nonprofit sector has been on the decline for some time now. Last year, an estimated $410 billion was given to charitable causes, but the gross inefficiencies and corruption scandals have overshadowed any public humanitarian work. And not without reason; the misuse of funds and false expenses cannot currently be effectively tracked and accounted for. Essentially, we are left just “trusting” nonprofits to donate their funds without any mechanisms for holding them accountable and verifying their claims. This needs to change and people need to know that what they donate will receive the right cause.

And remember; “ Life isn’t all about obtaining and keeping, it’s about giving and sharing ”

Didi Taihuttu