I definitely romanticized it before doing it.
Tim Boucher

I am not a farmer, but would like to become one; all my ancestors have all been farmers. My opinion is that, if people keep putting too much importance to the monetary issue, such as to think of it as an enterprise, then it may not be fun to be a farmer.

After all, to be a farmer is a way of life, where you decide what to do, what to sow, what to grow, because it will be your only sustainment; not because you want to get money. I mean, selling farm products in my opinion should be a secondary thing, but to dream of thousands of dollars is not the philosophy of permaculture.

A farmer is supposed to get the food from the earth, to live and enjoy the life doing that; yes, love for the farmer lifestyle is the key; only excess should be put for sale. Therefore, if people are thinking like “I will grow this because I can sell it for big bucks and get richer, then I can buy a new car, a bigger TV, etc”, then I think that person is living in an illusion. Those people thinking that way should better return to the urban life, and get a city job, and a monthly salary.

I don’t know when, but I am thinking to buy some land, and make it grow the food that I daily need, and for my future family. Sure, money is always necessary, because it’s this world’s nature, but it should not be the first objective one should have when becoming a farmer, especially when starting up the farm; yep, money is necessary to buy land, and all the stuff, so, that is truly a problem. Either you should have the money, or you inherit the farm; because a debt should be out of the question.

Am I out of my mind?