Buy memories, not things

A step towards happiness

Do you want to buy happiness? Then begin to buy memories! It’s never too late to start investing your money on gaining experiences. Go to a concert, holidays, adventurous trips, go out for a meal with friends. Stop caring about what you wear or possess and start caring about who you are becoming.

More or less, buying goods is something that we all do. It’s inevitable and it provides us a good quality of life. However, when “possessing” becomes a purpose of life, you have to step back and redefine yourself. The feeling of buying, possessing and owning things doesn’t bring you happiness. Every material thing, expensive or not, big or small, tends to lose its appeal and needs to be replaced as the feeling of fulfillment it brings, fades away.

Then, why do we keep investing on things? Research showed that the love of possessions, “materialism”, takes root in “early childhood” and is mainly driven by low self-esteem. Material goods seem to help us establish or project our image as they are viewed as symbols of identity and represent class, gender, status, personal tastes or values. However, materialism is associated with anxiety, depression and broken relationships.

Buying experiences instead of buying things, promotes one of the most effective happiness behaviors — Spending Time with Others. “The sense of sociability arises not only when you participate in an activity with others but also when you narrate and share the story afterwards”. Enrich your lives by sharing special moments with people you like.

Invest your money in experiences that you have always wanted to live. While material things set the image of the person you want to look like, experiences shape who you really are. And this is priceless.

Tip: Things that mostly increase happiness are: close relationships with friends and family, good health and the sense of controlling your own life. Feel gratitude of what you already have and pay attention to the things that will give you a real and long-term feeling of fulfillment.