My life is never dull. My work, my friendships and my relationships lack the tedium of drama for drama’s sake, and I work hard to keep them positive, exciting and fulfilling. I have a long-standing commitment to being happy (since I was six years old, in fact) so it’s something I pay attention to. While everyone’s version of being happy is different, I am quite familiar with what does it for me — or so I thought. Recently I made a leap in manifesting my happiness, and that’s what I want to share with you today.

My background is in advertising, tech and the creative industries. After being burned as a co-founder of a startup, I did a stint in the new and experimental digital dept for the Department of International Trade (the previous experience made Government look reasonable), and I pivoted my career two years ago to become a coach. I’ve lived in four different countries, and I travel as much as I can. Outside of coaching, I produce content like Truth Or Drink: My First Same-Sex Girlfriend for YouTube channel Cut with the talented Julia Vogl. What I’m demonstrating is that I love variety, and I love change. Ask me to do something I’ve been doing for a long time and get paid a shit-load, or do something new and start at the bottom of the ladder, and I’ll take a running leap at the latter. I once had a late-night conversation about moving to Australia, and within 24 hours, I had a working-holiday visa. Inside of a month, I was touching down in Melbourne with no contacts and no clue — but with a massive sense of excitement. …

Approximately one million people have told me they have put on a bit of weight during lockdown — sometimes while they’ve been doing more exercise than ever. The proximity to the kitchen, eating three meals a day that you make yourself, the ability to snack on demand… It’s all added up. As for me — I haven’t eaten so well since I was a child at home and had my mum cook for me three times a day.

Lockdown conditions have eroded our ability to compartmentalise between work and leisure — and this includes meals. …

This list contains both short-term and long-term advice to follow if you have ADHD and feel you want more calmness in your life. Doing one or two of these should have a compound effect, and doing several will likely be noticeably beneficial to the quality of your life.

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Everyone wants to be this relaxed


Emma Jackson

BLM. Diversity and Inclusion, always. ADHD. Angry about UX. Moved by Art. Wants a Tech Revolution. Questing for Knowledge. Consultant and Coach.

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