10 Skin Care Tips To Avoid Flaky Skin During Winter

Winter brings in one of the best holidays during the year. However, it also brings with it a lot of dryness especially for the skin. The most prone areas to dryness during this cold season are the hands, face and your feet. Other parts are normally protected by clothes and continuous hydration is needed.

In some cases, the dryness becomes adverse and severe resulting in cracking, breakage, peeling of and flaky skin texture and appearance. Furthermore, in such times, the skin may become irritated and inflamed resulting in other medical conditions. Identifying different solutions for ensuring that you avoid flaky skin in winter is advised. Here are some of the tips to help you in avoiding flaky dry skin in winter.

1. Moisturize Regularly

Moisturizing products are often the same during the summer season. However, during winter, it may take a bit longer or a different moisturizer to do the trick. Therefore, assess the effectiveness of any moisturizer before commencing on its use. Oil based rather than a water based moisturizer is advised in how to prevent dry skin.

2. Pay Attention To Your Hands

The skin around your hands has weak skin structure and cells making it prone to extra dryness compared to other parts of the body. Therefore, it might be hard to ensure that it is continuously moisturized. Furthermore, the cold can make the hands crack, break and even bleed if not taken care of on a regular basis.

3. Apply Sunscreen

Many are the times that people assume that winter sunshine has no specific effect or in this case negative effect on the skin. However, the cold temperatures combined with a bit of sunshine results in adverse effects on the skin including peeling off. Therefore, just like in summer, ensure you apply sunscreen on a regular basis to prevent any form of damage from these external factors.

4. Avoid Wetness

Winter is a time to avoid any form of wetness as it is normally magnified ten folds. In addition, wetness affects the skin in severe ways i.e. it causes irritation, inflammation and the dry flaky skin is more pronounced than ever before. In other cases, it might result in soreness and other flare ups. By avoiding wet clothes including socks, gloves, scarves and others is a way to protect the skin from extra dryness in the long run.

5. Humidifiers

These are essential in ensuring that the air around you as an individual is continuously moisturized. This protects the skin from drying as a result of the atmosphere sucking out the little moisture on the skin whenever it is exposed.

6. Hydrate Regularly

Continuously drink water to hydrate both your skin and your body in general. By doing this, you not only prevent dry skin but also ensure essential body processes work efficiently and effectively. Drinking water and other essential fluids is one of the ways in how to prevent dry skin from occurring and providing a solution to an already dry skin.

7. Exfoliate

Use friendly exfoliating agents that ensure your skin remains smooth and free of flaky or peeled of skin. This also protects the skin by ensuring that the exfoliators do not peel off the essential oils and other nutrients on the surface of the skin. As an alternative, use cleansers, toners, primers or other beauty products that are friendly to the skin.

8. Avoid Hot Baths

Hot baths are an attractive site to the eye especially during winter. This is because of the cold and low temperatures outside. However, they are not as refreshing as needed to the skin and result in flaky and even drier skin. Avoiding hot baths is one of the best ways to use in how to prevent dry skin.

9. Use Stronger Cosmetics

The exposed parts of your skin and require stronger and much more efficient cosmetics and other beauty products during winter. This is because the usual products and or lotions are not as effective as needed during this cold season especially for your feet, hands and other exposed skin areas.

10. Sporting Activities

Participating and engaging in different sporting activities opens up your skin pores giving the skin time to breathe. This ensures that once moisturizers and other hydrating products are applied are held in place for longer.


Following the above skin care tips during the winter provides you with the assurance and guarantee needed to take care of your skin. This is because they are definite and will ensure you achieved the desired skin texture and a radiant, smooth and vibrant skin complexion and much more. Follow the tips for the best skin ever during winter.

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