7 Facts about Human Brain

7 Facts about Human Brain

The brain is one of the major body organs that are very vital for human life. It is the one that is responsible for controlling all the activities in the body. When the brain dies, it means that the person is also dead. Its importance is just like of the heart to the body. The body can still function a little properly with some organs having problems but when the brain has a problem the all body just fails. It is, therefore, important for us to take good care of the brain. You might think that you know everything about the brain by learning the brain parts and their respective function, but I am very sure that there is a lot that you may not know. The following are the facts about human brain;

1. Energy consumption

The brain is a very minute part of the body but hearing about the energy it consumes may make you think that it covers a larger percentage of the body. It consumes 20% of the body’s total energy something that no one would have imagined. This energy is majorly used to generate and maintain brain cells and to control nerve impulses

2. Lacks nerves

The brain of a human being does not have any nerves despite the fact that majority of the body organs are covered with nerves. When the brain is, therefore, hurt, you will never feel the pain because it is always the nerves that assist us to sense pain. It may also surprise you that it controls how the nerves work and yet has none.

3. Brain is major water

73% of the human brain is covered by water. This means that without water in the body the brain will be dead. Dehydration can cause improper functioning of the brain such as slow memory. However, memory can be improved by taking cogniq brain supplement. One and half hours of sweating can make your brain 1 year older.

4. Brain formation occurs at 260 miles/hour

Brain formation is a continuous process that starts at conception until when an individual is about 25 years. It occurs at the higher speed stated above and hence more energy is required. At the formation stage an individual is required to take energy giving food like vegetables and carbohydrates. This is important consumer health information that you require in ensuring your brain is properly formed.

5. Brain tissue

A small brain tissue contains 100000 neurons and a billion synapses that are communicating with each other. You brain therefore requires quality performance in order to do this. Alpha ZXT is a supplement that can help you make this performance a reality in the case of a slowdown.

6. Quarter of body’s cholesterol is used in the brain

In as much as people consider too much cholesterol as a poison to the body some of it is very vital for the brain. It is very essential for the life of the brain cells hence without it the brain cells die. The brain consists of about 86 billion cells that require to be maintained by cholesterol.

7. About 5 minutes absence of oxygen can cause brain damage

Oxygen is very important for each body cell functioning. Therefore, its absence in the brain can slow down the cells leading to brain damage. That is why the brain and the heart are inseparable.


Brain almost all we require to live and, therefore, needs proper care. However, it is as complex that no one can know everything about it easily.





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