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EVO team is proud to announce that Tested Talent, London-based platform providing the finest assessment and recruitment solutions, and EVO have decided to join hands and collaborate on building a Blockchain to connect employers and talent all over the world.
During a private meeting hosted by Futurama Blockchain Innovators Summit EVO and Tested Talent teams understood that our concepts and philosophy coincide in many ways and our collaboration could bring mutually beneficial value to both companies and help successfully implement blockchain technology to solve major challenges with workforce development.
Among other things EVO is concentrated on building the mechanisms of delivering assessment and HR services worldwide and skills assessment technology provided by Tested Talent can solve the problems of EVO’s clients.
In an official statement released by Saleem Qureshi, CEO of Assessment Fund, who is the lead investor in Tested Talent, he stated “Blockchain is the future, and EVO has figured out how to use Blockchain to serve the skill shortages”.

Read the full press-release here

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