Financial model of EVO project

Dear community!

EVO has recently hit a major milestone on the road to success. 
We have developed a sustainable financial model analyzed and verified by experts, who have expertise developing economics and tokenomics for successful blockchain projects.

We plan to conduct operational activities in four areas: educational services, proctoring, advertising, certification services (expert certification as well as partner certification), which forms EVO unique solution, when monetization is based not on subscription model, but on providing win-win services to all participants in the education, certification, recruitment and job search processes.

As a result we will be able to provide unbiased human assessment, efficient development of skills and 4 times cheaper recruitment cost than any existing solution.

In the long-term perspective forecast token rate will be fundamentally supported by the factors determined in the business model.
Significant indicators of investment attractiveness provide the expansion factors in more than 28 cities worldwide divided into 3 specific groups based on market approach.

EVO financial model is now available on our website and you are welcome to familiarize yourself with it here

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