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Routes of token circulation on the platform:
• The company’s sale of tokens to supply tokens to users and partners
• The token turnover between the partners who apply tokens as loyalty scores and the users/customers of these partners (cashback).
• Provision of services to users for tokens by the platform, which the company provides on its own or through its partners.
• Provision of tokens to experts or the expert communities as the royalty for sale of the testing or training systems created with their participation.
• Free sending between accounts.
• Conversion of tokens to fiat currency: It is important that the project focuses on creating the platform where the token user is able to use them by the methods envisaged in the platform, which confirms the legal nature of the utility that does not envisage the withdrawal of tokens into fiat currency. Meanwhile, the project uses the legitimate arrangements when the tokens are converted via the partner contract with the service having the Money Transmitter License and implementing the role of the operator in withdrawal and conversion of tokens into fiat currency.

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World of personal development. EVO is a blockchain platform for assessing and developing human skills. #EVO #EVOLIVE #EVOPRO

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