This odd and rare situation can cripple your work should you rely on many Bluetooth devices like the mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. Here is how to fix it in a minute!

If you see a message that Bluetooth is unavailable, your first instinct would likely be to turn Bluetooth off and on again.

This won’t work!

Then you might consider the Windows nuclear option: reboot!

This won’t work either!

What will work is as follows:

  • Hold the Command Key and click on the Bluetooth icon on the status bar
  • You’ll see a new menu option called “Debug”
  • Click on it and select the option to reset Bluetooth

Now Bluetooth will magically to your Mac and you will be all set!

I love Apple products. I am always keeping my camera — aka smartphone — updated as I love taking pictures on a daily basis. So having the latest, greatest smartphone camera in my back pocket is the most important function of such a device for me. But I will NOT upgrade my iPhone 11 Pro, yes! Here is why.

Nope, not interested in 5G yet!

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I use Verizon and live in Rocklin, California. …

I decided a few months ago that I will invest most of my creative sharing experiments on YouTube via multiple channels. I created a lifestyle vloggimg channels with a few friends and got a 5K views in about a month from my target audience.

Encouraged with the small but measured success, I decided to create a more channels in tech space that are more in my wheelhouse of experience and expertise. That’s when I ran into two major issues with my 2015 MacBook Pro.

Imternal 1TB stove was near full and the built in 2GB AMD low-performance GPU was choking with 4K-5K videos that I wanted to edit with Final Cut Pro. …


Kabir Mohammed

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