How to Clean Your Herb Grinder — Evolf

Why do you need to clean the herb grinder?

Herb contains oils and other wet stuff. Since the herb isn’t totally dry, the grinder is prone to clogging. A grinder should be regularly cleaned to avoid any kind of build-up. Clogging reduces the grinder efficiency and could potentially lead to bacterial or mold growth inside the grinder (yuck!!)

Type of grinders

Today, there are so many different types, sizes, and shapes of grinders. The most common type is metal (aluminum, zinc alloy, and stainless steel) but they also come in wood and plastic. Normally, the metal types are easier to clean.

How to clean herb grinder

In general, you should clean your grinder as soon as you notice any clogging. Most grinders will require a lot of gadgets, tools, and chemicals such as alcohol to get a thorough cleaning. Lucky for you, you have an evolf stainless steel herb grinder, so you don’t need any of that stuffs!

What you need to use to clean Evolf herb grinder

  • Water
  • Soft non-scratching cloth to dry off

What you need to avoid

  • Bleach
  • Scouring Powder
  • Steel Wool
  • Ammonia
  • Any harsh abrasives cleaners



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