Airdrop Allocation and Community Grants

Apr 10, 2018 · 1 min read
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15% Initial Airdrop [in progress]

17.5% Community Airdrops

32.5% Scale Airdrop

Ecosystem Airdrop Allocation

20% DApp Development Grants

2.5% Arbitration Resolution Grants

2.5% Block Producer Grants


10% Evolution Core Team (Tokens will be distributed via a smart contract and will vest over a period of 10 years; releasing 10% annually following the successful launch of the Evolution Blockchain.)

DApp Developer Grants

Evolution’s aim of bringing together a decentralized community is only possible through the innovation of developers and entrepreneurs alike. The funds for DApp development will be distributed based on community support and votes. These grants ensure the sustainability of new startup projects and community development initiatives. DApp grants are distributed over 10 years and self sustaining by utilizing a percentage (5–10%) of the overall annual inflation.

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