Ensuring Fair Block Producer Voting

A Decentralized approach to DPOS voting rights

In the past week, two of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Huobi and Bitfinex (a lead investor in BlockOne) have announced their candidacy to become Block Producers on the EOS Blockchain. We foresee several serious concerns and intrinsic conflicts of interests with exchanges operating as Block Producers.


Past instances of this attack exist in Bitshares where a leading Chinese exchange, Yunbi, used their customer’s tokens to vote on a proposal to directly benefit Yunbi’s own self interest. Coincidentally, Yunbi and its owner INBlockchain are both lead investors in the BlockOne corporation which develops the EOS blockchain.

Block Producers partnering with Exchanges

Big.One voting results from big.one/eos

Above, are the results from BigOne’s block producer voting held on its Exchange. Three of INBlockchain’s candidates are shown to have the most votes. Some from the block producer candidacy have noticed missing votes.

Why not fine Exchanges?

Evolution’s Decision

Block Producers are at the core of a Blockchain’s decision making process and larger corporations such as exchanges can be easily blinded by voting power at hand instead of long term community success. To ensure equal voting rights and opportunity among block producers on the Evolution blockchain we’ll be implementing proactive procedures.


Looking forward to feedback from the community. Welcome to the Evolution!

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