There’s a lot going on when you’re learning to make art…avoid these things as you get started!

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There’s a lot going on…but by following these 4 Evolve tips, you can get started smoothly on your painting journey!

At the start of any art journey, there’s a lot going on! But with a few guiding tips, you can avoid several commonly made beginner painting mistakes!

These missteps, though common, often get overlooked by new painters and can lead to issues in their work down the road.

Through experience, many of these mistakes will eventually disappear over time and through the process of making paintings. …

Learn How Cast and Form Shadows Bring Your Art to Life!

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Photo by Matthew Ansley

Our world is made up of light and shadow. So all artists need to understand how to create realistic shadows.

Without correct shadow and light relationships, a painting will fall flat. Shadows explain form, depth, and much more. Here at Evolve, we simplify shadows at first, breaking them down into the two categories of cast and form.

When light strikes an object it creates a fairly predictable shadow, depending on the shape of that object. …

What it takes for Old Holland to be considered the best oil paint available.

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Credit: Old Holland

“When you close the door on an expensive car it feels like you’ve just closed a bank vault. It’s expensive but you get what you pay for. In the same way, you can tell quality paint when you use it — that’s definitely the case with Old Holland.”

— Kevin Murphy

There are so many brands of paint on the market, and high price tags often inform painters of what brands are considered the best.

However, one paint company has stood out among the rest for centuries, so much so that many professional artists consider it to be the best paint in the world. …


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