Health Tech Startup Challenges

One of the essential objectives of the Government is Healthy India. A strong and fit man not only expands the profitability of the nation as well as decreases the heap on the well being plans sponsored by govt . Be that as it may, there is as yet far to go.

Detecting this open door several Health Tech Startups entered the Health Care Industry showcase with their one of a kind contributions. The facts confirm that a large portion of health startups are not utilizing digital technologies for patients.

It is additionally obvious that right utilization of tech can change not only patient experience but also helps to move to healthier India.

Health Tech Startup Challenges

The objective of each health tech startup is to give better and reasonable health services to the individuals who require it. As indicated by the reports, large no. of Indian healthcare tech startups are focused on preventive cure, convenient services & health management among many others. But there are several health tech startup challenges that are stopping these startups from achieving their goals.

Slow Growth

For every new startups, it is very important for them to keep patience and capability to survive from ups and downs.Slow growth is one of the prominent factor that health tech startups needs to understand.

An age-old system which works by giving the medical practitioners demi God status, would take time to change. There is a need to do a lot of hard work to keep oneself motivated and to grow.

Here is a great example of the industry leader is Practo that acquired funding after 3 years and it takes 7 years to reach the top position.

This example has given a fair idea that every new startups should have some patience and believe in their idea which helps them to take themselves to next level.Without technology this attaining your goal will be difficult to achieve.Only few of them are able to keep their patience and rest of them do give up.