Bitcoin Is Not a Government Conspiracy

The cryptocurrency market is completely different than the traditional stock market and the traditional currency. This is the reason major cryptocurrencies are successful in the regards of market capital, turnover, user rates, trading volume, etc. The best of them all, Bitcoin has a current market capital of around $125 billion USD. These numbers have attracted many veteran and budding investors all around the world.

This success has even attracted many conspiracies which have discourages many users from investing in Bitcoin. Many conspiracies suggested that Bitcoin was created as a currency medium to perform illegal activities. Many other theories suggest that Bitcoin was created by terrorists to fund their illegal activities in developed countries. One such conspiracy theory that got much hype was that “Bitcoin was founded by the government to subjugate and subdue the public” but this is a false notion. Here are some facts that will set the matters straight even with the rising allegations towards Bitcoin and their current situation.

Frankly, Bitcoin is decentralized

The Bitcoin is regarded as a decentralized currency in the world market along with other cryptocurrencies that were founded after Bitcoin. There are no rules set by the government that governs the cryptocurrency. Where cryptocurrencies are governed by themselves and their authorities, cryptocurrencies are not guided by any government entity. The fact that Bitcoin is peer-2-peer and censorship-resistant that means the government cannot halt transactions, freeze accounts, and steal your money.

Bitcoin was the brainchild of crypto-anarchist

The term “crypto-anarchist” should not mislead you. These crypto-anarchists are an anti-government group working to end the atrocities of the government. With cryptocurrencies, they aim to topple the authorities of government by making the normal people rich. The founder of Bitcoin was an anonymous and unknown which has only left one name behind, “Satoshi Nakamoto”. This name can be a group or a single individual but nobody knows.

Governments are trying to change Bitcoin

The governments from all over the world are trying to co-opt Bitcoin to end their anti-government policies. Even though with such interventions, Bitcoin hasn’t changed any of their policies that can affect their users of Bitcoin. If the government ever had control over the Bitcoin, they would have annulled this cryptocurrency rather than trying to change their anti-government policies. Hence this proves that Bitcoin is completely off the government’s hands and have no authority over the Bitcoin enterprise.

Cryptocurrencies are clearly undermining the government

The cryptocurrencies whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other cryptocurrencies have an extensive user base that has affected the government economy. There are many online platforms that allow users to Buy Bitcoin Online along with other cryptocurrencies. They are attempting to make cryptocurrencies a sole currency which will be decentralized, global and indigenous. Hence if they achieve this dream the government will not have any control over their FIAT currencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are completely undermining the government policies and their importance in the economy and hence it proves that government had no hands in the finding and working of Bitcoin.

Here are some points that prove that the government has no part in the invention of Bitcoin. And as a matter of fact, the government is trying to loosen the grip of cryptocurrencies over their users. If cryptocurrencies succeed in their endeavour they will revolutionize the currency world. Hence only time will tell the tale and we will be the ones to witness it.