Kitchen In Progress

Everyone told us to expect delays on a home improvement project, and while I kind of knew they would probably happen, at the beginning of this project I was still overly optimistic, hoping we’d get away without them. No such luck.

The flooring that has made everything take a bit longer. Hopefully it will be worth it when done.

The real challenge for us has been our (sustainably grown cork) flooring. Scheduling the people to lay the floor took longer than expected, and then when the tiles came, unfortunately some of them were damaged and the job couldn’t be finished. We’re waiting for the remainder of the tiles to come and hope to see them installed by the end of this coming week.

Still, we saw some significant progress on our Sustainable Kitchen Project last week. On Monday we got our new (recycled material) countertops. The middle of the week included drywall and ceiling painting. On Friday the new tile backsplash (made of recycled ceramic) was installed.

Backsplash tile. Isn’t it pretty?

As we enter week 8 without a kitchen, I must admit it’s been a bit more challenging than I expected. We had originally hoped to have this done already and we hadn’t made sufficient arrangements for this long without a kitchen. From cooking to eating to just getting around the dining room, everything seems to take just a little longer than usual in our house right now, and we’re feeling a bit exhausted by the process.

But there is still so much to be grateful for. First there is the incredible generosity of our friends and family, who have been inviting us over and cooking periodic meals to help us. Second, of course, is the very opportunity to have a new kitchen, something we’ve dreamed about for years and is very nearly within our grasp.

And third is the diligence and attention from the businesses supporting our efforts. In spite of the delays, I feel they are constantly working to figure out ways to make things go more efficiently without sacrificing quality. I’m still proud to be working with local and sustainably-minded contractors and suppliers.

This is the test zone Jim created for us so we could pick paint colors. Counter, sink, cabinets, backsplash and flooring. Still much more to do, but it’s coming together!

I created this project originally with the values of sustainability, self-expression and gratitude. As we move through the project, I am continuing to root myself in these values — and proud and grateful to be able to share with you as it evolves.

So I hope you will continue to wait patiently with me for the results — and G-d willing I will post pictures when it’s done.

*Disclosure Note: I requested and received small discounts from ecobeco and Amicus Green Building Center to promote local businesses I believe in.

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