General Assembly assignment 3 (15 days of UX/UI design for EventPuff)

(Full UX solution for main site, sign-up pages and logged-in interfaces for two types of users)

Client project (Final project under General Assembly Singapore)
Team members: Derrick & Shuk
Involvement: UX Research, Ideation, Design of wireframes and creative mock-up, prototyoping
Creative mock-up I’ve designed for the new site revamp

What is EventPuff?

EventPuff is a digital platform for hirers and part-timers (also known as Puffins) based in Singapore but is not your run-of-the-mill hiring platform. Founded by a local start-up company, it aims to specialise in hiring quality last-minute part-timers in Singapore. First of its kind in the local hiring scene, its goal is to follow in the shadows of established players like Wonolo in the states and Sidekicker of Australia.


Its 3 unique selling points help increase efficiency in the hiring process.


Taken off EventPuff’s site

Most of the popular job listings fall under the categories of events and promotional crew. The category ‘Logistics’ will soon be removed as Alex and Leon mentioned that logistics jobs require a much more complex or stringent hiring process which EventPuff will not be able to cater for.

Platforms EventPuff are available on

EventPuff is currently available on the website for desktop and mobile view for hirers and Puffins, as well as a mobile app for Puffins. The mobile app is only available for Puffins due to monetary constraints and EventPuff’s rationale that hirers are more likely to be using their computers/laptops over their mobile phones while working. That said, EventPuff will still like to be able to develop the app for hirers as well in the future.

Problems & Opportunities for EventPuff


  1. Limited number of jobs from a limited pool of hirers
All job listings available as of now

2. Overdue payment from hirers

Although it states on the site that hirers are required to pay the entire sum of fee within 24 hours before the start of the job, hirers currently are able to pay a partial sum to EventPuff as of now

3. High drop-out rate from Puffin’s sign-up

Screenshots of some of the onboarding/sign-up process for Puffins

It is no wonder that the drop-out rate is high for Puffins. New Puffin users have to first fill in their personal details, complete a 10-question quiz and then upload their selfie (a photo of themselves) and photos of the back and front of their ICs and before they can proceed with using EventPuff. We found out later that most Puffins drop out whilst they were doing the quiz.


1. Hiring Puffins with unique traits or physical attributes (e.g. holds a food hygience certificate, has Korean-looking features)

As the current sign-up process for Puffins is kept simplified, what is lacking is ability for Puffins to be differentiated from each other besides their number of jobs completed. Hence hirers are unable to discern and hire Puffins of unique qualities that they require on the job.

Defining the scope

After a kick-off meeting with our clients Alex and Leon, we decided we would focus on revamping their website which includes the homepage, sign-up pages and logged-in interfaces for both hirers and puffins.

As the app only caters to Puffins and follows the same flow as the site, we figured it was best to focus on refining or adding features, and fine-tuning the key user flows of the site.

User Research


Five Puffins and hirers each were interviewed over a span of three days. In our group of Puffins, we have a mix of tertiary students and an interesting participant who does a mix of part-time jobs for living.

Our hirers include F&B owners such as Fatcat icecream bar, Wild Wild Catch and Coffee Bandits (which owns a coffee truck for events and permanent cafes known as Refuel), an event agency called Albert and job agency Manpower.


An extensive affinity map was laid out and reshuffled at least twice. As the hiring process involves the mutual participation of both hirers and Puffins, we’ve decided to combine our research findings into one large map to look for overlapping areas.

Full Affinity Map (Enlarged map points under annex)

Some of the interesting points include:



Image profiles of Alison Foo and Ivan Leow (Their detailed personas and customer journey maps can be found in the annex below)

Alison Foo is an Artisan cafe owner who is looking for people not necessarily with experience but for people who can best represent her brand and fit within the working culture. She values her staff and believes in retaining good talents and cultivating a positive working environment.

Ivan Leow on the other hand deals with events of various requirements. He’s looking at both quantity and quality — usually hiring a considerable amount of part-timers who would fit hiring requirements that may sometimes require for certain physical attributes.


Image profiles of Nelson Tan, Lolita Chan, Michelle Cheo & Ken Ngor (Their detailed personas and customer journey maps can be found in the annex below)

Nelson Tan is a university student who would take up part-time jobs to fill the gaps during his non-schooling days. Aside from earning the extra allowance, he sees part-time jobs as a way for him to improve his soft skills.

Lolita Chan, on the other hand, is a young job-seeker who actively takes on various part-time jobs as a means of living. She believes she can amass more life experience and/or for the fun and novelty of attempting many different kinds of part-time jobs.

Nelson Tan and Lolita Chan represent the majority of our Puffins while Michelle Cheo and Ken Ngor are reflective of Puffins nearer to the two ends of the spectrum in terms of the levels of job expectations.

Michelle Cheo is extremely selective of her jobs. Known for looks and semi-famous blogger status, she would take up jobs that are reflective or in line with her image, along with an attractive pay check. The jobs she get are usually for promotional events and/or product endorsements.

Ken Ngor is completely inexperienced when it comes to working. He is also painfully shy and wants to improve on his social skills along with earning some cash. That said, he would rather take on a back-end or low-skilled job (e.g. packing) as opposed to a customer-facing one.


Final Prototype

View prototype here


The homepage still remains as a long single scroll page. In the current site, it seems to give more emphasis to hirers in its display of content. We chose to split the screen to give both parties equal attention, and also to convey a sense of transparency such that both parties are able to view the benefits that the other is enjoying.


EventPuff’s Prototype Demo by yours truly
View prototype here

Design Matters


The overarching objective in its design is to stand out from Wonolo and Sidekicker’s design and to give EventPuff a more distinctive and fun personality.