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Awesome inspiring writing, Bryce! Yeah, the desire for possession is causing every human being feel unhappy. It’s as natural as the food needed to keep living or, in another species, the sunlight plants need to survive.

But sometimes I think of emotional independence, to be happy without craving for anything else outside the moment we are living.

If you see a dazzlingly beautiful flower blooming in a garden, why not to take a second to appreciate its beauty and perpetuate that emotions in the present? Present is eternal and if you live in it, you need nothing more.

Yes, we are all flowers, very delicate flowers that can’t move on beyond the soil we are grown. We always depend on something to keep tracking reality. But we may try to become more independent, more free by learning to navigate the river of life as it flows. It’s difficult, however, no one says it can’t be real. Just think of that moments when you forget about time, duties, debts and so on, doing something you really enjoy. That’s happiness to me, the emotion that makes me forget about the fictional world we create by desires, the vibe when I’m content with the world as it is: chaotically beautiful.

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