Dear Democrats, Read This If You Do Not Understand Why Trump Won
Trent Lapinski

Well written and explained, Trent. I just think this election was all about confusion, echo chambers, media manipulation and this-is-the-garbage-we-have-you-to-choose-from marketing product. Would have been better to choose Hillary than Trump? For many concrete reasons: No. Is this election result a good one not only for America but for the entire world? Maybe not, but at least (if we’d rather choose to understand and learn than to blame and disqualify) it’s an “opportunity”, a “wake-up call” to learn to work together because, we want it or not, we are social and everyone is part of the system.

It’s great everyone has its own world-view and opinions, but is a severe error if we think our own view is the only path to truth. You said it clearly when you invite to know our “enemies”, the “other”. Great difficult lesson to learn from this election.

Finally some questions: What kind of people are we to qualify something else as a racist, xenophobic, misogynist…? Are these wonderful “progressive” adjectives part of a real, dedicated desire to express our true souls’ purity or merely part of the same old thing, the fashion discourse of the time? Are everyone sure to not seeing “the mote in your brother’s eye and not the rafter in your own?”

Please, everyone, stop talking about the others’ errors, to blame others’ for our “misfortune” and commit to change ourselves, to construct elbow to elbow a better system. If the system fails let’s remember that we, in some way, are crucial part of it.

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