During my life I tired a lot of things, Its a goal of mine to experience as much as I possibly can throughout my entire life. I want to live without regret and live an exciting life. I like to try new things and have an adventurous life. While growing up I had a supportive family and good friends that stuck with me through good and bad times. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them.I want from the city to the suburbs which was challenging because I was raised in the city, and moving to the suburbs forced me to change in a lot of ways.I have been playing football my entire life, at my old school we won the division championship and I was lucky enough to be on the A string team.I had a good team which was like a second family for me.Moving to the suburbs forced me to leave them behind which was hard but I got used to it.

I choose 2pacs hit dear mama as the song that means a lot to me because my mom been with me through some really though times and always helped me get through them, and never gave up on me.

This picture shows that you should never give up always try to achieve greatness no matter what is trying to hold you down.

Ali never gave up no matter how low he was he would always get back up and every time he got up he was stronger.
I choose bolt to rep America because his a great athlete.America is all about supports from my perspective.
A dream of mine is to visit Bosnia because it’s where I was born.I also have family in Bosnia that I’d like to visit.
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