Be thankful, always.

Today I’m feeling inspired to write…and it happens to be Thanksgiving.

Today’s Meditation: A life of thanksgiving and gratitude determine your magnitude.

Just like the adage, you are what you eat, one can also apply…you are what you THINK! There’s a very clear explanation for the high levels of joy that thankful people experience; they are constantly focusing on what they DO HAVE. They study, rehearse and meditate on all the things they are blessed with and all that they are NOT lacking. A life of thanksgiving is like a constant dose of morphine injected into the soul’s veins. It’s like getting little glimpses of the supernatural without leaving the natural sphere. A life of gratitude is a choice of what glasses you want to put on each day: the dark, scratched blurry obstacles that limit your vision and frustrate the very purpose for which you put them on, or the clear, protective accessories that give a wide range of visibility without requiring a squint.

Our minds have a magnificent capacity to let in light to the degree that we allow, just like the aperture dial on a camera. When we are grateful we let in light. A light that cannot be dimmed by even the worst case scenario, and therein lies the courage and freedom that some of the most inspiring individuals walk in. When we are thankful, the outcome of risk doesn’t weigh heavily because we already have enough + are enough. When we are thankful we dwell in joy because we are able to extend a hand as an expression of liberty rather than obligation. When we are thankful our demeanor is upright and humble because we are know that what truly matters cannot be taken away.

So dear friends, may we walk into this weekend with a perspective of truth and reality. One that acknowledges how rich we are and cuts the chains of mental slavery. One that liberates us from the disease of frivolous hustle, endless ambition and worth-driven acquisition.

May we just BE. May we just THANK.


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