Confirmation Bias


  • Problem statement. An author talks about an issue that dramatically affects your life.
  • Solution introduction. A new diet, a new approach, new tactics, you name it — it will save your life!
  • Confirmation examples. Pages and pages worth of historical examples that prove the solution reliability, occasionally mixed with confronting arguments for other approaches.
  • Conclusion — solution works like a charm. You just put it on the wound and see the magic happening.


  • The fact that anything can be proved does not mean that anything is right.
  • The fact that something can be confirmed does not mean that there are no other, more appropriate, or efficient solutions.
  • The fact that something has supportive evidence does not mean that there is no evidence that challenges it.





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Eugene Vyborov

Eugene Vyborov

Co-founder & CTO @ YayPay, Adept of Practical Curiosity