Lesson 0: It is never to late to learn but it is getting harder! #learnITgirl

3 weeks ago I got a great news — I was accepted to LearnITgirl program. This program is one of the few initiatives helping women to catch up in the IT world. However, what is great in this particular one is that you are actually working on chosen project with dedicated mentor.

On Medium I would like to share my progress for documentation and, hopefully, inspiration in the form of lessons which I learnt.

  1. If you think 2, it will be 3 or 4. The project started approximately 2 weeks ago. I had kick off with Alma, who is my LearnITgirl mentor. We were both very excited and happy to be part of the project. We talked and aligned the project scope and I committed myself to proposed timeline, so …. ready, set, go! Unfortunately, not really. Just after alignment, it appeared that there is much more work with the e-shop which I’m launching at the moment. On top, few days later I got sick and was not capable of any extra work for more than a week. Therefore, here we are, 2 weeks after start and I’m just 1 meter after start line. If you decide to add something extra (e.g. learning how to code) to your normal routine, make sure you have time for it. Be prepared for unexpected events and always book more time than you think you will need for accomplishment of the task.
  2. A start before the start. In order to start my “programming school” Alma shared with me “starting kit” of program which I should download (Eclipse) and places I should register (GitHub) in order to later on work on the project. She also shared me with couple of instruction how to set up for example set up Git in Eclipse. All had been pretty easy to follow until I received couple of “error” messages from Windows. Some reinstallation, couple of searches and tens of minutes later appeared that there is additional program missing in order to run the requested one. This is just an example that once you want to learn complex things like Java you need to first learn many, many, many basics about programming or in other words — walk before run.

To conclude: E-shop launched, sickness cured, GitHub started, Eclipse downloaded, repository set up and finally, after 2 weeks, I’m ready to start learning how to code. Now I will “just” need to speed up to catch up the initial bumps. I must admit, it will be definitely and exciting journey☺

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