I have always wanted to travel to greece ever since i was little. I have heard so much about how beautiful it is and just all of the culture. It would be amazing to actually go to greece and just stay there for atleast a month or two. My older sister has been to greece so many times that i am jealous. Now I think that it is my turn to go there and experience it myself. Because actually my family is from greece and my uncle who lives out in california actually knows how to speak greek. Which i think is really cool and i have always wanted to learn how to speak greek. But my mom has no idea how to speak it and it does bother me because i don’t know much about my mom’s side of the family. I don’t even know if i have cousins who lives in greece but it would be really cool to mind out if i do or not. I would love to go where my uncle went when he was in the vietnam war and he would always tell me about the times when he was in greece and how he had a lot of fun. But it turns out that people in greece aren’t very nice people which i can understand because a lot of people in that general area aren’t very nice. But the only reason i wouldn’t want to go is because of what has been going on in greece. Which isn’t a very pleasant sight to see, and on top of that all of the accidents that happened when people go on planes. Has me very scared that if i go to greece and am on a plane someone will shoot it down and i will like die. Which really does scare me and i have always wondered if i would be able to get around in greece because i don’t speak the language and i have never been to greece. But still i have always wanted to go because i just think it is beautiful and there is so much more to see then just all of the monuments there is to see.

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