4 arch-design inspirations for the weekend

Let me begin the series when I share couple of inspirations I find on the web that help me think a little bit out of my box.

[jeden] Bowling space in Los Angeles (http://highlandparkbowl.com/)

The bowling area from 1927 that has been recently restored and just looks tremendously. The climate is so doom (Gotham?!), furniture look so worn off, and it make me throw everything away and just sit there and glare. Couple of photos below. Kudos for the http://1933group.com/ for doing the job.

[dva] North Korea monumental architecture

This is something that I have not expected. After some thoughtful moments yet, I should have as a child of post-communist country raised among heavy duty flats and socialist realism edifices. Below the example of fine Pyongyang brutal piece of architecture.

[tři] Australian residence (http://finnisarchitects.com.au/)

Some more sunshine please! Australian housing project clad in wood and just everything one need to live in Australia. The exterior is fine and applicable to the Australian climate (I need to find clients that live in warmer climate- it is definitely more fun to design such stuff).

Right photo shows something I definitely have to copy-paste: glass floor hinting what precious space one have underground, be it wine depot, gym, or any other man/woman cave.

[čtyři] Pokemon! (http://mybookmark-shop.com/)

I really don’t know why, but I like Pokemons. I also like creative people that take advantage of The Now and design apps, gadgets around the Pokemon world. And when they create something so simple and funny: I love it.

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