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Nice article. But, this analysis just shows the ongoing gulf between statistics and, well, I can’t think of a better word, reality. You can game stats to show just about anything. Heck there is probably a statistical analysis that shows the Marlins are actually a really good baseball team. Well, maybe not.

The Dodgers have hands down the best pitching staff in the Majors this season, measured mostly by impact on the team and its results. Their staff has won, saved, salvaged whatever you want to say more games than any other. Heck their 1–2 are 24–2. That’s twenty four wins to two losses, folks.

Their bullpen rarely allows inherited runners to score, a metric that is way more important than ERA, ERA+ or any other goofy ‘advanced metric.’ Finally, their closer is having a Cy Young caliber season. Did you see the part where he set a Major League record by recording 50 strikeouts before he ever recorded an out?

Oh, and can I remind those who say the Astros are “as good” as the Dodgers that the Dodgers play in, and dominate the best division in baseball, while the Astros dominate baseball’s (cough) worst division?

Enough said…