And I agree with you, but that ship sailed about 20 years ago.
Amber Lisa

Wow, OK. Off topic, much? Let’s try to focus on your original assertion and my response. You asserted that Journalism is biased. That is a pretty broad statement. I countered that not all (in fact not much) actual journalism is actually, itself, biased.

Taking News, reporters and publications one at a time, then.

There is News (and yes, that can be defined any number of ways, but is generally a pretty well agreed-upon concept in Journalism), and News generally is reported upon by Reporters.

Reporters pitch a story to their Editor, get approval to pursue then research the story and write it. Yes, the Editor him or herself can exert some bias in either approving or not approving a story to be even written, but I imagine that is pretty rare. Then the Editor (or copy editor) can exert some bias in the Editing, but again, I don’t see that as very common.

Where the real “bias” may come in the bigger picture “Editorial Policy” of the publication. Yes, a publication or news organization can have an explicit, or even an implicit bias in what stories they choose to run, and how they report on the news.

Fox News, and to some extent MSNBC are examples of organizations which appear to be biased, the former toward conservative Republican Politics and the latter toward Liberal Democratic politics. But, if you dig deeper, the news reporting on both of those Cable channels is actually pretty even handed, it is the opinion/editorial programming (the talk shows) that are pretty biased. And they should be, they are Editorial, not news.

Perhaps the least “biased” news organizations of all are the local newspapers. My home town paper, for example, the Tulsa World does a remarkably good job of reporting all news with little Liberal or Conservative bias, which is something considering we are in the Deep South here, the Reddest of Red States.

Would be delighted to keep going, but I think I have almost reached the character limit of a Medium post. Oh wait, there is no character limit…

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