Forgetting What I’ve Heard: Why I Miss Buying Music
John Battelle

Couldn’t agree more! Put me in front of an iPod — anyone’s iPod — and I can create an hours-long foot-stomping, white man’s over-biting, Elaine dancing playlist that gets any party back on track. But shove Rhapsody or Spotify in my face (“Here’s every song ever written — do SOMEthing with them!”) and I freeze.

There are just too many options. I don’t want to see EVERY song ever written by the Marshall Tucker Band; I just know this party needs Heard It In Love Song, but where is it?!? Or just need my memory jogged that Sam and the Womp had a kick ass hit with Bom Bom a few years back and everyone needs to be reminded.

My friends don’t get it. Rhapsody is my Kryptonite. One night I’m leaping tall buildings in a single bound, the next I’m tying my shoes with boxing gloves on.

I’m glad I’m not alone in my struggle…

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