PTF Seeking Available First Responders to Deploy to Houston, TX in Response to Hurricane Harvey

The Pathfinders Task Force (PTF) is seeking all credentialed first responders who are available to deploy on a short-term emergency response mission in Houston, TX to support local response efforts following the impact of Hurricane Harvey. First responders who deploy with PTF will be responsible for managing local spontaneous volunteers to seek out and resolve the unmet needs for homebound survivors. PTF will also support the management of a logistics staging area and the deployment of several points of distribution to ensure local survivors receive emergency relief supplies in a timely manner.

National Hurricane Center Forecast for Hurricane Harvey

PTF has been inundated with requests for assistance and has identified a large base of operations in downtown Houston that may be used by PTF to support local response efforts. If you are available for a short-term deployment to Houston, TX to support local response efforts, please email with your resume and ICS position to receive additional information about team placement. PTF is currently seeking mass care specialists, volunteer coordinators, logistics specialists, donations managers, and other relevant first responder professionals to support this deployment.

For more information about the Pathfinders Task Force deployment to Houston, TX in response to Hurricane Harvey, please contact Matthew Campbell.

Matthew Campbell

Pathfinders Task Force

(561) 329–0068