To the best of my knowledge, “more than likely” is not a legal term and we do not declare people…
Louis Weeks

A lovely response full of bluff and bluster and little substance. It reminds me of someone else who is the topic of many a discussion of late. I expected no more or no less.

The very fact of approval of dubious actions of others speaks volumes of one’s own charactor.

It is true that one cannot force the proverbial horse to drink, but it also seems true that some who resemble a part of the horse’s anatomy are quite fond of drinking orange flavored kool aid with education having little to do with it.

As to the “extremely educated Democrats” there are currently no less that three lawsuits filed on the very topic. Try to keep up, but in your favor I doubt such things are discussed much in your circles. Oh, and just for the record, I’m not fond of the Corporate Democrats and I do go after them at every chance. You see, unlike republiCONS, some of us don’t simply play “follow the current leader”.

So as the other old proverb goes, “See you in Court”!

Good bye Louis.

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