Yes I am a Conservative.
Louis Weeks

Where did I say I thought you or conservatives wanted “no government”? I didn’t, so you are the liar.

Yes, you want to give citizens power and your power away. You imply that it is OK for a congressman to use his influence (read POWER) to seriously affect a constituent’s employment because she does not agree with his politics or agenda. That is coercion! That is giving POWER to a representative in the government. Got a clue now?

So you think Think Progress is far left? Your opinion. I disagree. What is Breitbart then? Is it acceptable?

Your attempting to equate Don Sterling with Saily Avelenda is totally laughable and not worthy of comment.

To what “true behaviors in connection with those radical left groups and super PAC” are you referring? What exactly did she do that was illegal or unethical? Or is all that a figment of your imagination? Do citizens not have the right to form political groups? Do not citizens have the right to support whoever they wish politically? Does an employer have the right to tell their executives or employees who to support or oppose in politics? Is this not the United States of America?

So in your world, all the right wing Super PACS run by big money are all OK, but a PAC run by ordinary citizens are not?

It seems you would be more comfortable in a situation where a person in the government could come to you and coerce you and threaten you to act how they think is appropriate, support who they think is appropriate, vote how they think is appropriate, and by no means join a group who supports a different political party or candidate. Perhaps you would be much happier in Cuba. Not too far but not to close. Good Bye.

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