Schrödinger’s Cat Found Dead

American Blamed

Anka, a cat that had once belonged to Austrian Physicist Erwin Schrödinger was found dead Thursday. She is believed to have been 83.

The Nobel Prize-Winning Physicist in Happier Days

The cat, famously placed in a box for a 1935 thought experiment, remained with the physicist’s family in Vienna after Schrödinger’s death in 1961, but was forgotten about until recently, when an obscure relative visited and pointed out the box.

Turmoil Ensues

“It had been in our house for ages,” said great great grand daughter Elsa Hamm. “Once we knew it was *the* box, we didn’t know what to do.”

Her son is said to have shaken the box vigorously without any vocal response from the feline. A visiting relative from the U.S. takes up the story:

“They were just staring at it. The family, a couple of friends, not eating, not sleeping. I asked them what was inside and they said ‘a cat.’ I said it didn’t have any air holes and we needed to open it.”

Despite their protestations, he opened the box, finding the dead cat.

“She was clearly dead.”

Anka Schrödinger R.I.P.

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