The Art of the Personal Essay

It’s summer, and summer is hot. I’m hot, like not in the good looking way, like actually hot. Why am I under my covers? That’s what is making me hot. Why isn’t there a cover that keeps you cool during the summer? Maybe I should invent that. What if I became an inventor when I grow up! Nah, but being an astronaut would be nice. No Emma let’s be realistic. What do you wish to be be when you grow up? What about being a veterinarian? I like animals! I think I am kind of a cat person that a dog person. I wonder if my cat could be best friends with Taylor Swifts cat. Taylor Swift is pretty cool. I would like to be in her squad. I completely think this whole thing with Taylor and Kanye is totally unnecessary, like who cares. That is what the internet is blowing up with, so I guess that everyone cares, or they have nothing else to be done. You know what this makes me think of? The dress. I know you know what I’m talking about. Personally I believe that it is gold and white. Wait no, black and blue!

I saw some shoes that were black and blue the other day. They were really cute. I like when that happens. When you randomly find something you weren’t looking for and it just pops up. I when I’m happy. The rain makes me happy. My middle name is Raine, because it was raining when I was born. I was born in 2002. Fashion in 2002 was horrible. I like fashion. The clothes in style right now are from American Eagle and Brandy Melville, at least where I go to school. The popular girls wear those brands. They make me think of the plastics from mean girls. Thats a good movie. Maybe I should see a movie. Wait it is 3:30 in the morning. I should watch the sunrise. Let’s check and see what time the sun comes up. Probably around 5:15am. Thats a long time. It just feels like it would take forever. I wonder how long forever is. I mean like forever could probably mean until the world ends and there is no one else alive. What about the rest of the galaxy? I remember in 2012 we thought the world was about end end. If you ask siri what she thinks about the world ending she says, “Whenever they start building that intergalactic bypass.” Whatever that means. Sometimes siri doesn’t make sense. Apple made siri. Steve Jobs started Apple. Steve’s story is very inspirational. After he died Apple hasn’t been doing very well. I need a new phone though. I do everything on it. Like talk, text, and much more. What if the government can see everything I text and look up on safari. I bet they can. I don’t have to draw attention to that stuff yet though. I’m just a kid. Being a kids sucks sometimes though. You can’t drive anywhere. But I guess that is a good thing there would be a ton of car crashes. So many people die in car crashes. That would be horrible. It’s like sleeping forever. So I guess I can sleep when I die. Let’s not sleep now. I want to clean my room. I’m not tired, and it’s 3:30am. The house is quiet and dark. The movies are dark. I’m going to watch a movie. Good night.